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We’re going online with rehab and fitness programs in 2021!!!

If you’ve made it to January just give yourself a pat on the back but for God’s sake don’t look behind you! January is all about making new plans and of course getting fit… here’s the deal, gyms and pools are closed (again) so I’ve been working on some new ideas so you can continue to achieve your fitness goals!

Discussions with clients will always result in questions dominated by two specific topics, the first being exercise. And although I can chat all day about this topic that’s not realistic! Secondly chatting doesn’t allow you to formalise goals, coach correct technique, record progress, or adapt programs to match future targets.  

I’ve been on the lookout for a long time now for an online fitness portal to allow me to continue and further the work I love to do. For numerous reasons it hasn’t materialised until now. And now I have the online rehab and fitness app that I am ready to take forward!

Covid has acted as a fantastic catalyst for the online with fitness being no exception. And there’s no better time to embrace it with online health and wellness in the UK being worth an estimated £28.1 billion in 2020 increasing by 6.4% in 2021 *1.

So read on to find out what I’ve been filling my Christmas holidays with to help you rehab those injuries and get in shape from a distance of up to 7 continents never mind 2 meters!

How will it work?

Clients will fall into one of two categories:

Clients in category 1 will purchase one off programs which may comprise of for example, lower leg injury rehab, shoulder mobility exercises, or flexibility for riders depending where their needs lie.

While you guys in category 2 will pay a monthly subscription. You will receive specific programs based on video assessments that you will upload alongside your individual aims that you’ll share. You will receive regular program updates and online coaching.

You can access all this via my website which will be updated regularly at

Who do I hope to recruit?

In short, you! It will be great to offer you a concise program of rehab exercises to fit alongside your current injury treatments or to improve your flexibility allowing you to recover faster post exercise or to get you fit to race ride with a sport specific program.

As things move along I will set up ‘groups’ so you’ll have the option to train virtually alongside others with similar goals. You’ll be able to compare results and encourage those in your group on their exercise journey.

About me

Over the last 27 years I have worked with numerous athletes to hit their rehab and fitness targets. I continue to specialise in equestrian sports and enjoy analysing movements and offering corrective strategies to improve injury status, posture, movement patterns and fitness for riding.

More recently I have continued my learning by completing specialisms in Corrective Exercise and Training Elite Athletes with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) covering both ends of the rehab-fitness spectrum. My memberships with REP’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) and CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) allow me to continue to update my subject knowledge and stay current with policies and procedures in the fitness industry.

So look out for special offers coming up. Details will be posted on upcoming newsletters. Or contact me if you have a specific query.


Frankie Naylor Sports Therapy

Boris, Horses and Intuition

2020 has seen Boris change the nation’s Corona Virus message from ‘Stay At Home’ to ‘Stay Alert’ and then came the current tier system. We’ve been confused and frustrated about the ever changing rules! And as a nation we seem to lack the ability to use our intuition, common sense and adapt instructions to our personal circumstances. But why?

Could there be a link to the devices we use or perhaps the amount of time we spend using our devices? Is this impacting our ability to use our instinct? And what problems does this create? Having intuition, being ‘streetwise’ and using our common sense can get us out of trouble. Moreover it can save lives. Are we losing our intuitive abilities because we’re replacing people with devices?

“Intuition – the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning…….. A loss of connection with our instincts or intuition can prevent common sense reactions.”

Socially distanced working environments have further increased automation (Zoom meetings are now available for every occasion!). There are fewer opportunities to analyse facial expressions and body language. There are fewer opportunities to read between the lines, listen to what is not said and react intuitively.

But in sport we have to constantly read situations and react in real-time. Thank goodness common sense still prevails somewhere! The likes of Gary Witheford (dubbed The Horse Whisperer) knows better than most the importance of intuition when preparing racehorses from the ground. And how using his intuition in these situations will have undoubtedly saved his life on numerous occasions.

For a rider, having good intuition allows you to read a situation, read a horse and make split second decisions. Jockeys will often be given instructions by trainers about how to ride a horse in a race. But when the race deviates from the expected it’s the jockey’s intuition that must take over. It can take a brave rider to dismiss a trainer’s instructions. But if the race isn’t panning out as expected the jockey needs to be able to use their instinct.

Derek Fox’s post race interview after winning the 2017 Grand National demonstrates this. Derek, when interviewed by AP McCoy was asked what instructions were given by his trainer. AP then asked him to talk through a playback of the final part of the race. The instructions in no way matched the way he rode……Grinning, AP said, ‘so you didn’t do anything you were told!’ I think with the excitement of the day AP’s comment was largely overlooked (but he was right!). Instinct not instruction helped guide Derek to victory that day.

It’s nice to know that while the rest of the country are flapping those of us who work with animals may be a little more able to apply common sense to messages like ‘Stay Alert’. Animals help keep our intuition alive because their communication is in the moment and non-verbal. For the sake of our industry I hope that as automation and devices become ever more prevalent those that work with animals don’t lose those intuitive abilities too.