Privacy Policy

The below privacy policy only covers how we collect and use data, and how to tell us if you want us to forget you.

We collect data in 4 instances:

  • If you sign up to our newsletter
  • If you use our contact form to get in touch
  • If you email us directly
  • If you are an existing client

In any of these instances we only ask for your name, phone number, and email address. If you provide any further data this is by your own choice.

We collect data to be able to use it in one of two ways:

  • To respond to your enquiry
  • To sign you up for our newsletter

We may register you for our newsletter if you submit an enquiry and become a client. We do this to keep you informed about what is happening at Frankie Naylor Sports Therapy to help make you aware of any notices, advice or offers that may be applicable to you.

We never share your data with any other individuals or organisations.

We will gladly delete your data, or unsubscribe you from our newsletter, if you request it. You can click the link in our newsletter or email us at any time to do this.