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Sports massage – 1 hour £55

Treatments may include a combination of ultrasound, massage and kinesiotaping depending on the needs of the client. Many clients have chronic soft tissue injuries which can be alleviated using these methods. Initial consultations are included within this 1-hour treatment.

Ultrasound & kinesiotaping – 15 minutes £20

These sessions are for injuries that have already had an initial assessment. Ultrasound can help decrease scar tissue, inflammation and pain. Kinesiotaping can help reduce pain by lifting the skin away from pain receptors, speed healing via improved circulation and offer support to the affected area.

Rehab exercises, stretches & foam rolling – 1 hour £55

Rehab programs are designed subject to a client’s injury status and aims. A combination of exercises, stretches and foam rolling is taught. Clients often find it helpful for their programs to be videoed on their own phone so that they have a copy to hand with correct technique and appropriate teaching points incorporated. Programs double up as home programs so that the client is able to progress effectively between sessions.

Equine Massage Therapy – 1 hour £60

An assessment and history of the horse is taken initially. A combination of ultrasound, massage and stretching is then used depending on the horse’s needs. A maintenance plan or a rehabilitation program is then discussed with the owner/trainer to fit with the horse’s training schedule.

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Prices are correct as of 1st December 2021

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