I started working with Frankie in 2004 because I wanted to improve my fitness for race riding. Because Frankie understands the physical demands jockeys are up against she can tailor our exercise programs to challenge us in a way that really improves our riding fitness – it’s very specific. I’ve obviously had a number of falls over the years as well and Frankie has often been there to rehab my injuries while maintaining fitness. For me this is really important so I can make a quick return to riding and keep my weight in the right place. NOEL FEHILY – NATIONAL HUNT JOCKEY

My work with horses is physically demanding and my body pays the price but Frankie has managed to keep me going and prevent niggles from turning into big problems! After knee surgery, which resulted In full joint replacement, she treated me and this, without doubt, speeded up my recovery and helped with pain control and soft tissue damage. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her! GARY WITHEFORD – SPECIALIST IN TRAINING PROBLEM HORSES

I recently had a fall from a young horse which left me feeling very sore. Another member of staff recommended I see Frankie. I got an appointment quickly and after the first sports therapy treatment was able to get back to light duties at work; After two treatments I was riding again and after four I was back competing. I specifically found the Kinesio tape really helped me feel confident when riding while everything was still mending! FLORA HARRIS – GREAT BRITAIN EVENT RIDER

Frankie is an excellent Sports Therapist. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I was so pleased to see her set up her own studio! JESSICA KIDD – EQUINE VETERINARY SURGEON