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Rural Life (Covid-19) & Exercise Habits

The New Year’s resolutions should have been in full swing and that beach body should now be honed …..but Covid-19 has kind of put a spanner in the works. All this down time may allow you to think more closely about what facilities are really available to you from a location and financial perspective and which are the best options to allow you to achieve your fitness goals.

Living and working in rural areas can mean the choices available to you are limited especially when taking into account our biggest barrier to exercise – lack of time. Time spent travelling to your preferred destination means time not exercising. And when life is already hectic you need to think tactically when choosing where to exercise.

There have been some massive shifts in the fitness industry since I first started out as a personal trainer creating more choice for the user and keeping prices competitive. So if you haven’t yet donned the Lycra, hold fire and let’s look at some of the options available.

Perhaps the ‘Waitrose’ option would be a David Lloyd gym ( encompassing swim, gym, classes, coaching, kids clubs and treatment facilities under one roof – great (I hear you gasp). But they’re not always local, local and you’ll be paying over £1000/year. If you’re still excited by this option do check the class timetables fit around your life before parting with your cash!

Council run facilities can be a good ‘Tesco’ option. Just note that if you’re situated in the middle of two different counties (as we are in Lambourn) membership of one facility won’t allow you to use sites run by another council.

Personal trainers are dotted around. You can find prospective PT’s on the Register of Exercise Professionals ( or CIMSPA ( Check prospective PT’s are registered so you know insurances and qualifications are up to date.

And if you want to get involved in a specific sport you can go to the National Governing Body website where you can search for a recognised sport’s contact information.

Social media platforms like Facebook can be a great tool in deciphering whether classes and activities in rural areas are right for you.

And if you don’t have the funds or the time get onto You Tube and try something like ‘Yoga with Adriene’ ( Classes are approx. 20 minutes and at 6.01M subscribers she must be doing something right!

So don’t let a lack of finances, time or a rural location stop you from achieving your exercise goals. Let us know what sporting activities you’ve been involved in and what you’d like to have a go at next.

Sports Therapy Lambourn

About me

I set up my Sports Therapy business in 2002 but didn’t want to be based in my hometown, Trowbridge (aka Trowvegas…aarrgggghh!). I rocked up in Lambourn in 2003 by chance when visiting a friend. I couldn’t believe this place existed… I was staying!

Alongside sports therapy I rode out, coached trampolining and trained jockeys to get fit (yes I am also a personal trainer).

In 2009 The Injured Jockey’s Fund built Oaksey House and after 7 years of graft my business was under threat.  So when they offered me a position managing the rehab centre I couldn’t say no.

Oaksey House gave me some great opportunities over the next 4 years and people still associate me with the place even though I left 8 years ago!

In 2012 I qualified as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist and I diversified (slightly) by adding horses to my client list.

I now have a purpose built studio in Lambourn and focus on sports massage, rehab and get out to treat some very nice horses.

Why blog?

I often give clients advice during treatments. Sometimes it can be hard absorbing information when being pummelled into the couch! So I’ll be recapping on some common injuries and offering basic stretching and foam rolling advice.

Secondly I often find myself helping rehab clients and saying ‘you could do this yourself’, so there’ll be some advice to help with strengthening exercises.

And lastly I hope that blogging will allow me to reach a wider audience and allow better communication with clients, motivating you to achieve your goals (not that I’m keeping tabs on you!)

My aim over the coming year is to blog regularly to help you achieve better health and fitness results thus enhancing your personal journey. I’ll be offering practical money saving advice and linking you with local tried and tested industry professionals.

And I’m keen to get your input too. Prepare to have your say and share your health and fitness experiences.

So If you’re still here, thank you, here we go…